Aleksi Heponiemi

Aaron Vickers

A highly-skilled forward who plays with a lot of speed and skill…uses his speed to jet down the wing and beat defenders along the outside…is a hard player to contain with his speed and although he isn’t huge he protects the puck well and is able to drive the net from the outside…has all of the offensive tools: great speed, great puck-skills and stick-skills, able to handle the puck at top speed and make plays, protects the puck well, sees the ice well, possesses a quick, accurate wrist shot and is offensively creative….there are times where he holds the puck for too long and should learn to keep it simple, but however he chooses to make plays he usually succeeds in making them…smart to avoid size barriers, but doesn’t shy away from the net front or corners…plays as if he is the energizer bunny on full charge, constantly moving his feet and in a dodgy manner…has top six potential thanks to the intelligence that makes his skill level so effective.  (November 2016)