Adrian Kempe

Darren Walker

Kempe is a strong, two-way forward who brings to the table an impressive balance between skill and physicality. He’s got both and uses both properly. He is a very fast skater and has quick acceleration. Kempe is a smooth, powerful-looking skater who gains power and speed coming down the wing. He has excellent size and strength, and is very strong on the puck. Impresses with the way Kempe used his speed to escape players and take the puck down the outside, and then use his body to protect the puck effectively from defenders. Kempe is smart with the puck and sees the ice well. He displayed decent hand speed and creativity. He distributes it into open seams, and is a quick thinker with the puck. He makes a crisp, effective pass and locates holes in the opposing defense quickly. Kempe also has a quick, hard wrist shot that he’ll use coming off the wing. He works hard on the walls and competes endlessly for the puck. Kempe uses his size nicely to battle for pucks and doesn’t seem to mind the physical game. He is solid defensively, getting back into the play quickly and working to take chances from the point men. Kempe gets into post-whistle altercations, especially if provoked and during emotional games. Out- standing penalty killer. Knows how to force a turnover. Kempe’s a leader and a real handful to deal with. Hits everything in sight and happily initiates contact. Not one you look forward to seeing in the corners if you are a defenseman. He is tenacious on the penalty kill, using his stick and smarts to close off options. He gets his frame in front of shots and in lanes defensively to disrupt the opposition. (May 2014)