Adam Tambellini

Darren Walker

Tambellini is a big rangy forward with good hockey sense but remains as a raw, unfinished product that will need development both physically and mentally as he finds his game’s identity. His skating is a work in progress as he gets to where he needs to in good time but lacks ‘pop’ in his first few steps. His balance will also improve once he adds consider- able leg strength. He’s not one to stickhandle his way through defenders or into the offensive zone but rather likes to find his position and have the puck distributed to him. His reach is a major strength as he uses it to keep the puck away from defenders and to get pucks around goaltenders in tight. He has good sense of where to get to both with and without the puck to generate pressure and a scoring chance. He’s at his best when he plays with a sense of confidence and authority on the ice. Tambellini’s not overly physical as he can be outmuscled by smaller guys with his thin limbs. Given adequate time and a team with some patience in developing the young Tambellini — son of former Edmonton GM Steve Tambellini — he could be a good project that turns into a gem down the road. (May 2013)