Aaron Irving

Darren Walker

Irving is a tough, two-way defenseman who thrives on the ice using his physicality and well-rounded tools to be a dependable defenseman. Irving skates pretty well, but at times can look sluggish. He generates a healthy amount of speed and has decent lateral agility. Starts and stops well. Defends quicker opponents well with a long stick and active feet. Does a good job of closing gaps in the neutral zone with his long reach. Closes up passing lanes and is always active in the defensive zone. He is a hard-to-play-against defenseman with good first-pass ability. He really puts a lot of mustard on every pass he makes, although they are not always the most accurate. Plays the power play and get off his hard shot from the point. Doesn’t have the skills to become a really strong offensive D-man. He is physical, skates well and can move the puck, but his overall hockey sense and awareness leaves some questions about his upside. (May 2014)