Scheifele ready for takeoff with Jets

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Mark Scheifele is now the answer to a trivia question.

The Barrie Colt was selected seventh overall, becoming the first draft pick in new-franchise history for the Winnipeg Jets, making him a strong candidate years down the road to pop up in trivia.

“I was an answer to a trivia question?” questioned Scheifele. ” That’s pretty cool.  I haven’t really thought of that, but to think about it now that it could be, that’s unreal, actually.”

He was also the first surprise pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. It doesn’t bother the Kitchener, ON. native one bit.

“You know, in the draft there’s always picks that aren’t expected,” Scheifele said. “Some people go later.  So for me to go early is definitely a dream come true of mine.  I’m just so happy right now.”

The pick may have come as bit of a surprise to the six-foot-three forward.

“They asked how to pronounce my last name, but I thought it was because nobody knows how to pronounce my last name,” said Scheifele. “So, yeah, I didn’t really get a huge indication.  I didn’t think I was going to go seven, but to go seven is really exciting.”

Being the first, first round pick of a new organization will come with a lot of pressure. Scheifele received nothing but applause from many Jets fans who made the trip to Minnesota, who now hope they’re witnessing their first-line centre of the future.

“It was definitely really cool to have that many fans here and hear them screaming,” said the centre. ” The one guy told me back at the arena in Winnipeg they were going bonkers.  So it’s great to have a great fan base, especially here for Minnesota so far away.  So it’s definitely great to see that.”

But with those screams comes pressure to deliver in a hockey starved market. No problem, said Scheifele.

“I definitely anticipate there is going to be a lot of pressure, but I like a little pressure on me,” Scheifele remarked. “Like sometimes it makes me play a little better.  I remember back in the old days if my coach would tell me there is a scout here to watch me, I’d pull off a big game. So I think the pressure will kind of drive that inner motor inside me and push me just to work even harder and push me to play even better.”

And eventually be written in Winnipeg’s record books as well.

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