Zach Werenski

Zach Werenski

Eligible | 2015

Defense, NTDP U18

WEIGHT: 190lbs
BORN: July 19, 1997
BIRTHPLACE: Grosse Pointe, MI
NATION: United States

Werenski really impresses as a smooth, puck-moving defenseman who is responsible
defensively and has the raw offensive instincts to quarterback a potent powerplay. Werenski is a strong
skater who moves fluidly with his high-end mobility and agility with and without the puck. His short
passes and long range passes both hit their marks. He makes such smooth passes on the breakout
it almost looks effortless, which makes it all the better as he kick starts the rush. Very strong reads
of the game and his reactions tend to be the most appropriate for the situation he finds himself in.
Confidence radiates from him when he has the puck and it makes his teammates calm and feel
comfortable with him leading the charge, even as the youngest member on the team. Werenski
is a cerebral defender with an impactful first pass that enables the forwards to get a head start
on gaining the zone and creating some offense. He will carry the puck up on his own and gain
the zone, but he dissects all options before deciding. Maintains a good handle on the puck and
poise when pressured and still manages to get a perfect pass off. On the powerplay, Werenski
is very active and is constantly moving to open ice to help give his teammates an open pass.
Makes the smart play with excellent lateral movement to keep the puck in at the point. His
shot packs a punch from the point. It is an absolute cannon and he does a great job getting
it through traffic in front. Plays the one-on-one well and uses his stick to poke the puck off
the opponent’s stick before taking a quick step forward to retrieve it and move it back up
ice. His game is mature beyond his years and he has the potential to be an impact player
at the NHL level as soon as next season.  (May 2015)

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