Vaclav Karabacek

Darren Walker

Karabacek is an above-average skater with good acceleration. He has quick feet and always keeps them moves. Is pretty solid on his skates, and is hard to push off the puck. He protects the puck really well and works hard to get that puck back if he gets it stripped. He has good vision with good playmaking skills, and can move the puck quickly on the cycle, down low or along the half wall on the power play. He is also solid at making touch passes, give and goes and soft saucer passes as he enters the zone. He will elevate his play in important games and when he does, he’s dominant; tiring for his opponent to play against. He’s pretty physical, finishes his checks and isn’t scared of taking a hit to make a play. His compete level is off the charts one game and then inconsistent the next. His progression was constant all season long, and his confidence level is night and day from the beginning of the season. He has a pretty good wrist shot with a good release. But he needs to use it more often to become even more effective. He supports his teammates well in the offensive zone and will cover for his defensemen in some instances too. Really brought his game up a level during the Q playoffs and leading into the U18s. (May 2014)