Tomas Havlin

Aaron Vickers

Body-checking defenseman with the ability to go on the offense at times. He sure has some offensive upside, although he’s been rather defensive for a couple years already. He’s quite a good skater, even though he’s not the fastest one. But he is strong on his skates. His technique isn’t the best, but it’s good for the role he plays. Simple passes are perfect and the more difficult ones are not in his playbook. His shot is hard and quite accurate, but not a marvel. What you love about him, however, is his hitting. Havlín is a master at that and he knows how to properly stop you with his body whatever your move on him is. He sure uses his body more frequently than his stick back in his own zone, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use the stick right. His character is great. He’s as mean as they come and also kind of overprotective when it comes to his teammates, especially the goalie. That can sometimes hurt his team as he’s given an extra minor. But he’s a hard worker and a quick learner, too. (May 2014)