Teuvo Teravainen

Aaron Vickers

A super skilled offensive player who can create his own scoring chance each time he touches the puck. He is an excellent playmaker with elite passing ability. He has the ability to control the pace of the play, slowing it down and then speeding it up, pushing defenders on their heels. His quick hands are right up there with the Galchenyuk’s and Grigorenko’s of the draft as he can control the puck at breakneck speeds and phone booth-sized space. He does not use his hands to dangle through defenses much but instead controls the puck and backs off defenders with the threat of a quick move. He is smart and able to draw defenders to him before dishing off a calm pass to an open linemate. He has dynamic feet and very good speed, agility and the ability to change direction quickly. His shot is also a weapon, not because it is very hard or strong but because it is accurate and very quick off his blade. He is instant offense with strong instincts and positioning. The puck always finds him and once it does, he shows a very creative offensive sense. He can play on the perimeter with his elite passing skills but will also go to the dirty areas and get into scoring position. (May 2012)