Robert Hagg

Robert Hagg

Eligible | 2013

Defense, MODO

WEIGHT: 200lbs
BORN: February 8, 1995
NATION: Sweden

Hagg is a silky smooth skater and can move around in all directions with ease and does not have any problems twisting and turning with and without the puck. His first steps are not the most impressive, nor is his top speed, but he’s above average. The most important thing about his skating is how fluid it is, allowing his big body to move around very well both defensively and with the puck. He rarely goes at full speed, skates more with an energy-managing style, so to speak, but gets where he needs to be very well. He also controls the puck well and can knock it out of mid-air and handle tough passes into his skates or pucks that are ‘jumping’ around on him. Hagg’s passes are smooth and on the tape. He sees the ice very well and hit his teammates in proper locations. He possesses a good slap shot that he can get on net with regularity and with a decent amount of velocity. His one-timers are also impressive — not the hardest — but gets them off clean and looks to be something that he can develop into a good tool later on. Despite the healthy, strong frame, he’s not really a punishing physical player. When the battle starts and he’s engaging in it, he is looking to win the puck rather than to physically hurt the opponent. He is usually on the winning end of these board battles. All this being said, from time to time he will step up and deliver a big open-ice hit or even and old-school hip check to a surprised opponent. He is at his best when he chooses his opportunities carefully and is being very careful to make sure that in going for the hit he does not put his team in an odd-man situation. A smart, calm, poised player for the most part, Hagg solves situations with ease and smartness and knows how to use his tools well. Defensively, he can be very effective when he keeps things simple. While he played a good amount of games in the Swedish Elite League this season, his play in the SuperElit U20 group was where he impressed the most playing against his peers. (May 2013)

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