Philippe Desrosiers

Darren Walker

Desrosiers is an aggressive, reactionary goaltender who moves well laterally and up and down fluidly. He routinely makes the saves he should and most of the ones he has no business stopping. He’s patient and outwaits his opponent putting the pressure back on them. Despite being aggressive, he remains very calm and posed and does not let emotions cloud his actions. When he drops into the butter y he does a good job of sealing off the ice and stays tight to the post. He tracks the puck and his opponents moves extremely well. He plays his angles well and does not lose his net. Desrosiers makes those second and third stops that are so important for big-game goaltenders. He has a quick glove and solid blocker and uses his stick to sweep away rebounds or close off the five-hole. He displays good flexibility and ability to stretch out then pops back up quickly – good recovery. His consistency is what sets him apart from most other goalies in this draft class. He needs to work on his handling of the puck, which is something he loves to do as well as his rebound control. He was integral in helping Canada take home the IIHF U18 Championship in April where he put up sparkling numbers (0.80 GAA and .970 SV%) and really boosted his draft status. (May 2013)