Oskar Lindblom

Darren Walker

Lindblom is a simple player who plays a north-south, power forward’s kind of game. He has a smooth stride that allows him to generate decent speed and power. Needs to work on foot speed, agility and acceleration as he looks painfully slow at times. He uses his body and reach to keep possession of the puck, and he also uses his size and strength to earn space on the walls and around the net. He isn’t afraid to get involved and battle. He competes hard at both ends of the ice, and doesn’t quit in the defensive zone. He can do a better job of getting his body in shot-blocking position; he does come out to challenge the shooters at the point, he just doesn’t get his body into good position. He uses his stick well to force things defensively. High-level hockey sense, very good at identifying opportunities to intercept passes, pick pucks off opponents and positions himself well defensively in the neutral zone. Good work with the stick defensively, is strong and hard to control down around the net, and shows impressive puck-handling and passing skills and vision. He has solid pro potential. Really came on strong in the SuperElit playoffs. (May 2014)