Oliver Wahlstrom

Aaron Vickers

Wahlstrom is a flashy puck wizard who creates offensive chances almost casually…can dance around the ice with the puck on a string, making filthy dekes…he moves around the ice with an effortless, yet powerful, stride that generates plenty of speed…starts and stops on the puck…impressive lateral quickness for his size make him elusive…possesses strong instincts and vision on the ice…makes some skilled passes that put his teammates in prime scoring opportunities, sometimes to their surprise…patient with the puck…loves to shoot the puck and has a rifle of a shot with a surprisingly tricky release…strong on his feet and willing to play in greasy areas of the ice…can be a load to handle when he gets moving…can be relentless in his offensive efforts…protects the puck well using his reach and body position…physical game is there in flashes…when he is engaged he is tenacious and viscous on the forecheck and relentless in his puck pursuit…has some impressive offensive upside at the next level but needs to show he wants it before he’ll reach it. (July 2017)