Nicolas Hague

Darren Walker

Hague has a great mix of size, skating and skill…shuts down the oppositions’ top lines and is a driver of the play…is physical and will give that extra shot to his opponent to leave a mark and an impression for the next time…doesn’t give his man room to breathe in front of the net…not shy with stepping in to lay the body, standing up his man with a solid check…controls the gap very well with strong position and good stick work…very balanced and surprisingly mobile for a big kid, he possesses a powerful lateral step…has a strong desire to skate with the puck, keeping his head up while weighing his options and hitting his man with a pass when the timing is right…heavy point shot, but needs to shorten his wind-up…has a solid transition game as he can use his reach to take the puck away from opponent and quickly turn his sights to making the breakout pass in one fluid motion…plays a solid two-way game and has solid top-four NHL upside.