Mikhail Vorobyov

Aaron Vickers

Vorobyov is a very smart, big and skilled center with his smarts being his biggest asset. He is a serviceable skater who has good mechanics and structure but isn’t exactly a guy who will win races. He has a good, technical stride with decent mobility, despite being a little too upright. His balance is not the best as he almost falls over when pivoting. He has excellent vision and hockey sense while showing some strength in the face-off circle. He communicates with his teammates and supports them. Shows strong determination to not give up on plays, resulting in the big center drawing penalties as opponents try to contain him. He has an OK release on his shot, but the velocity really stands out as the selling feature on both his slap and wrist shot. He is aware and sees plays develop. Exudes confodence on the power play as he leads the rush and hits his teammates with strong passes. He opens up passing lanes after cycling the puck and can create scoring chances because of it. He can play very physical and loves to line opponents up and rub them out of the play. He has an active stick and a poised demeanor in the offensive zone. He is constantly evaluating the play and knows where to be and how to best decipher offensive opportunities. Shows pretty good compete and consistency; we really like his willingness to work. (May 2015)