Jesse Ylonen

Aaron Vickers

Ylonen is a slick- skating, dynamic offensive-minded forward…very smooth, fluid and explosive skater…he is agile, accelerates fast and has good top speed…is patience with the puck and waits for open lanes to set up scoring chances showing strong hockey IQ…balance and ability to angle his frame is a big asset in avoiding checks and maintaining possession…not afraid to go to the net and look for second chances, but shies away from any kind of physical punishment…has stretches where he flies around on the exterior of the rink, avoiding checks, looking for holes to penetrate to the center of the ice before making a play…a very strong puck carrier and feels comfortable with the play on his stick…possesses silky-smooth hands and can really dangle with the puck in and out of traffic…has great passing accuracy and distributes pucks in a timely and effective manner…he does need to bulk up and isn’t always effective in a physical style games but his speed and IQ is what sets him apart…he has top-six offensive upside at the NHL level. (July 2017)