Jeremy Bracco

Darren Walker

Bracco is a speedy winger who has a lethal shot as he flies down the wing and cuts
to the inside. He is shifty with high-end mobility and can dazzle with the puck as he side steps checks.
He has a very strong sense for the game and knows exactly where his teammates are going to be.
He can be thrust into any role with any player and seems to find success. The most shocking thing
about Bracco, aside from the agility and vision he possesses and needs to possess for such a small
player, is his strength; he uses his strength to shield the puck down low and finds success due to
that underrated strength. Always on the move offensively as he looks for options, creates passing
lanes by dishing the puck and then moves himself to open ice, instantly looking for the return
pass. Controls the puck on the rush very well and his reception of passes at full speed is done
with such calmness. Speedster who darts in and out of traffic to provide a headache for defenders.
Not the most powerful skater, but has a burst that allows him to separate himself in only a
few steps. Equally lethal as a shooter or playmaker, creating a degree of unpredictability. He
is very confident carrying the puck and awaiting teammates to get to prime areas on the ice.
Cool set of hands and can get fancy without sacrificing the puck’s security. Bracco doesn’t
really have a heavy shot, but a quick release that can pick a corner with minimal time or
space. Bracco is poised under pressure with the puck and doesn’t get too flustered in tight.
Has the puck skills to navigate his way through traffic and tight space to go along with his
shifty, quick feet. Not one to lay any devastating checks, but uses his body to disrupt and
knock his man off the puck, slipping in to scoop it out from under him. We love Bracco
and why wouldn’t we love a guy who holds the career and single season records for
most assists at the powerhouse NTDP?  (May 2015)