Jens Looke

Aaron Vickers

A two-way player who doesn’t really stand out in any one area but is well rounded overall. Looke has a good motor and accelerates well to full blown sprint mode. He has good balance and edge work that helps him weave in and out of traffic with ease. Looke doesn’t really show a desire to hold onto the puck for extended periods of time, but does show confidence and some creativity. Sees the ice well and is capable of making skilled plays and passes. He can pass just as well off his backhand as his forehand, having the ability to do so at high speeds on the rush while maintaining the same accuracy. Sometimes tries to force passes by being too complex of a playmaker and forcing pucks into lanes that just aren’t ideal. Has a quick shot that does not stay on his blade very long after he gets it and has shown he will shoot on net from any angle. Provides a lot of energy and is consistently up tempo in both ends but does not play overly physical. Takes shifts on the penalty kill and makes strong efforts to block lanes and drop and block shots. He does well to get on top of the puck but could take away space more efficiently. Looke isn’t a hard hitting guy but will lay the body or check by angling his man out of the play. Not flashy offensively but effective in a secondary role. He could carve out a niche as a second or third line type player who brings a bit of everything to the table. (May 2015)