Jeff Skinner

Aaron Vickers

A highly intense competitor who loves to score goals. Skates well with nice lateral quickness and change of pace ability. Has a nonstop motor and works his tail off every time on the ice. Despite his lack of size he fights to get to tough areas on the ice and works hard in all three zones. Has a pro-style shot with a deceptive release. Plays with intensity and chippiness to his game but also knows when to reel the emotions in as to not put his team down a man. Comes back consistently in his own zone to provide back pressure and support his defenders. Has uncanny anticipation and the puck seems to follow him around whenever he is on the ice. Has nice on-ice vision and is a real underrated playmaker because of his other prevalent strong suits. A dangerous goal scorer with a high compete level.  Size and unwillingness to play like his size would dictate are a concern that may hold him back. Does not have that elusiveness you want in a little forward either. A true high risk/potential high reward type prospect. (May 2010)