James Melindy

Aaron Vickers

A big, smart two-way defenseman with loads of professional upside. He’s very mobile with strong feet and solid overall speed. He uses his edges effectively and pivots well. His feet could pick up a step as he can have heavy-looking boots at times. He has great size; although, he could use some added upper body strength for those hard fought board battles. He tries to play physical but his lack of strength against older, stronger opponents can be exposed. He can be a beast physically in front of his own net, clearing the crease and closing off lanes with his size. He sees his options well and makes some nice short distance passes; he has trouble with the longer breakout or stretch passes. He can carry the puck but is better at making himself an option and joining the rush. He has a cannon of a shot, but needs to reduce the length of his back swing as lanes will end up closing before he gets it off. He can turn the puck over in his own zone and make some immature mistakes because of forecheck pressure. He’s a vocal leader and is the Wildcats’ General on the back end. (May 2012)