Ian McCoshen

Aaron Vickers

McCoshen is a big, fluid skating blue liner who plays both sides of the puck. He skates well with good north-south speed, solid transitions and balance. He could improve his lateral agility. There’s also not much in the way of offensive creativity but he does contribute. McCoshen makes a good breakout pass but has limited vision up ice and is not one to carry the puck comfortably. He has a booming shot that is a real weapon when he gets it on net. He’ll also deliver the odd open ice check or close off lanes with a solid hip check but is not consistent in his physical game. For his impressive physical size, he is not a physical dominant player and rarely makes an impact in that aspect of the game. It can truly be a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ experience watching this kid on the ice. One play he is textbook and then the next he just disappoints, creating questions about the IQ and hockey sense. He has some problems in his own zone as he can get caught running around a bit or lose his check all together. Concerns/ questions about his numbers being inflated by playing on a powerhouse offensive team and his pro offensive upside linger. (May 2013)