Frederik Gauthier

Darren Walker

Gauthier is a true mammoth on skates. Even though he focuses more on his own zone than on the attacking game, it’s truly telling that his speed allows him to get an odd breakaway here and there. He has good straight-line speed and has the ability to get in on puck quickly. Gauthier’s play on the puck isn’t necessarily focused on fancy stickhandling, but rather the strength and willpower to protect the puck while driving or while in traffic. He knows where to be not only to collect on rebounds or on mistakes, but also to create the lanes for his teammates. He has a dangerous shot, but only uses it from the hash marks. Gauthier is a physical beast. There wasn’t a defenseman in the QMJHL who can take him down or even slow him down. No one beats him in the corners and he’s not afraid to finish his checks in the defensive zone to take his man out of the play. He’ll box guys out along the boards, take hits to make plays and to get the puck out, and block shots. Not a punishing hitter, but an effective one. He is a hard to handle monster for opponents to contain when on the cycle. Another characteristic of his is the ability to play with his feet. He’ll win battles by kicking at the puck and he rarely ever breaks his stride when a pass is a bit off. He simply manages to angle his skates so the reception happens smoothly. Nota risk-taker by any means as he’ll make the simple play out of the zone and let his teammates be creative with their passing. Always involved in the back check, he’ll drop down to the crease to cover for defensemen that are gone to the corners. He’ll block shots and sacrifice his body on a consistent basis. (May 2013)