Filip Berglund

Aaron Vickers

Berglund really stands out because of his immense size. He is very calm-looking on the ice and makes a very good outlet passes. A real weapon from the point on the power play, his shot is pro ready and opponents are wise not to try and block it. He’s not a rocket on the skates by any means, but has good mobility for a kid his size. Speaking of his size, Berglund really needs to start using his biggest asset more consistently to his advantage; he needs to be more consistent at leaning on guys and boxing them out using his strength. With his strength and reach, he protects the puck very well and can gain the offensive zone. After the whistle, he is rough against opponents, which earned him respect on the ice. While playing defense, Berglund comes back with the play very quickly and is always the first defender back. He takes his defensive responsibility seriously, trying to keep solid position and playing a tough game when needed. He can be very physical along the wall and gritty areas to stop his opponents from creating scoring chances. He reads upcoming plays pretty well, as he mitigates any risks in the defensive zone. Berglund needs to increase his foot speed, continue improving his play in the defensive zone, and use his size and reach better going forward. An over-ager who had a very strong season in the Swedish juniors, we had him going last year, and consider him a dark horse this year.   (May 2016)