Deven Sideroff

Aaron Vickers

Sideroff is that typical strong complementary winger who will dig in the corners and then go to the net as an option for a creative playmaking pivot. He makes smart simple plays that keep the puck moving and does a lot of the heavy lifting in board battles. He is a decent skater; however, he doesn’t have high-end breakaway speed. His best attribute may be his hockey sense. He makes simple, smart plays with the puck and he has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He has smooth hands, but he is not particularly dynamic with the puck. He’s a player who seems to understand his offensive limitations and is therefore fully committed to playing a complementary role and making a difference on the ice any way he can. He is a guy who could slide in anywhere in a lineup and be effective. While Sideroff is not the biggest player, he battles hard on the ice. He back checks hard on the defensive end and is usually first in on the forecheck. He could use some polish in his own end when it comes to learning proper position- ing, but his work ethic cannot be questioned. Overall, we do not see Sideroff having big point potential at the NHL level; however, his versatility and potential make him an intriguing prospect who could potentially fill a multitude of roles. (May 2015)