Brendan Warren

Aaron Vickers

Warren is a true north/south player who has a powerful skating stride, which catapults him up the ice in a hurry. Not much messing around for this future Michigan Wolverine as he plays a blue collar game with some offensive touch. Has a nose for the net and gets in quick on the forecheck to provide pressure. He isn’t a guy who wins every race with speed, but has the ability to get moving quickly and catch opponents if they are napping. Warren doesn’t play a ashy offensive game, but does have some tools that make him an effective player. He doesn’t drive a possession style game, but carries the puck well in traffic and has no issue handling the puck comfortably with speed. Has a decent shot, but gets most of his chances from in tight. The longer range shots tend to have good velocity but are inaccurate. Warren has good timing on his passes. Uses his teammates when necessary and reads the play well enough to know when his options are limited. Quickness is key to his defensive game. He is very active in the defensive zone, attacking and getting into battles. Has an active stick that is always waving in an opponent’s bubble. Loves to get gritty and force the play to the boards. Warren sometimes escapes the zone a little too early in transition, but provides an honest effort otherwise. We don’t see much risk to his game, but don’t expect a big point producer at the next level either. (May 2015)