Brannon McManus

Aaron Vickers

A smooth two-way winger who lacks physicality…skates well, quick feet, changes speed and direction in a flash, and can accelerate in a couple quick steps…aggressive skating skills with strong edges…has crafty hands…is creativity with the puck, possesses good vision and playmaking skill, and tops it off with a hard, accurate wrist shot…impressive shot velocity especially for his size with a lightning release that is extremely tough for the goalie to pick-up or read, and it also generates a good amount of rebound opportunities…while not physical, he uses his body well when he has the puck and when he’s battling a defender to get into position when looking for a shot opportunity…defensively he utilizes his smarts and awareness to cover opponents and gets to open lanes closing them off before the opposition has a chance to utilize them…has the potential to be a defensively responsible scorer but will need time to develop into a dominate and consistent player…this University of Minnesota commit has top six two-way upside.  (November 2016)