Zemgus Girgensons

Aaron Vickers

He has a short, choppy stride that produces incredible power and acceleration. He is constantly moving his feet and moves extremely well with the puck, essentially hitting top speed in just a few strides. He plays both ends, covering and supporting teammates. His game seems focused on getting the puck with speed;
once his team gains possession, Girgensons explodes from wherever he is and makes himself available for a pass. He uses his speed to gain the offensive zone and to draw penalties. His shot is quick off his blade and usually labelled for a corner. He is a bit of a bull: Sturdy on his skates, able to shrug off hits and able to keep advancing with the puck. He has great hands and is able to make soft touch passes with varying release points on his shot selection. He has size and knows how to use it. Zemgus throws hits and fights for every puck. He has great leadership — he is the captain on the team — and you see him constantly talking to his teammates both during play and after whistles. He doesn’t have an overly active stick but has great defensive positioning. His willingness to throw his body around cannot be understated. (May 2012)