Zak Zborosky

Aaron Vickers

Zborosky has slippery offensive style that is focused around puck possession and speed. He has the quick acceleration to create a gap and the vision to make plays happen. He is a strong puck-distributor who is pretty good at finding the open man. Zborosky has some skilled hands and can dipsy doodle when necessary to get around opponents’ defensive efforts. While he isn’t always perfect when trying to do things individually, he is very effective when processing the play at a quick pace. He has shown a higher compete level and an astounding growth in confidence when carrying the play into potential battle grounds. Zborosky has and will get tossed around at times, but he has gained the tools to protect himself and maintain possession better than in the past. Away from the puck, he shows that he is willing to fulfill obligations and shows awareness on defense. We are impressed with his anticipation of the play in his own end, and his effort to get into lanes or to make a last-second play to break up a play. His physical play isn’t really there yet, but he would continuously bounce back when experiencing the grind game. Vast improvements have been made to his game since he was passed over in the draft a year ago. Due to substantial personnel losses, Zborosky has been cast into a leadership role and the go-to offensive gun on a rebuilding Kootenay squad. He is an offensive guy who competes.  (May 2016)