Zachary Senyshyn

Aaron Vickers

A high-flying, speedy winger with developing goal scoring potential. Senyshyn is continually
flying all over the ice, having a positive effect and creating time and space with the puck on
his stick. Uses his impressive wheels to beat defenders wide and drive to the net for scoring
opportunities. His efforts on the back check can be a little inconsistent: one play he would be
dragging his feet and the next he would explode back to catch the puck carrier, flying past a
bunch of other players. His speed with the puck is high-end and he is elusive as he maintains
possession and darts past defenders. When he gets the puck, he absolutely explodes down the
wing and commands the attention of defenders. Reads the play at a very high level and is quick
to support the puck carrier or to jump on loose pucks. Puts himself in the best possible scoring
position. The kid will do anything for a goal, even taking an absolute beating in front of the net
while holding his ground exceptionally well. Has some ridiculous hands and array of dekes that
he showed he can pull off at top speed. Uses his solid frame, quickness and agility to spin off
his checks and pull away from the man to open up space. He is a rising star and has been skyrocketing
up our draft list all season.  (May 2015)