Zach Stepan

Aaron Vickers

A solid two-way forward who plays with good intensity. Has an agile stride that generates some decent speed and can make quick lateral jumps. Isn’t slow but lacks explosiveness in his feet. Plays an aggressive style where he finishes all his checks and tenaciously chases down the puck. Throws his body around and gets under the skin of his opponents but does not drop the gloves. Reads the play well and gets in the face of his opponent. Has a very good wrist shot, hard and accurate but can take too long to get it off, causing it to be blocked or deflected. Has good vision and makes tape-to-tape passes. Not the best puck handler and does not have the hands to go one-on-one with many defenders. The biggest question mark is his offensive skills and creativity good enough to translate to a NHL level top six role. In our opinion he does not look like he will have near as much impact offensively in the NHL as his cousin Derek but he does fit a checking role well. (May 2012)