Zach Sawchenko

Aaron Vickers

Sawchenko is an average-sized, but extremely athletic, goaltender who shows great flexibility and ability to continuously readjust his body based on the play in front of him. He has great vision. His ability to calculate plays enables him to get in position to make first and follow-up saves. Sawchenko plays his angles well, and knows when to really get aggressive and challenge a shot. He is very technical, squaring up nearly every shot and sparing himself constant acrobatics. He has very quick legs and has refined the importance of getting pucks off his toe and to the corners, avoiding the sloppy rebound in the slot. The paddle of his stick is almost always flush to the ice as he makes sure that he is blocking his five-hole and controlling low shots. He has very good glove and blocker positioning, and the reflexes of a mongoose. Sawchenko’s glove hand is held high and he is able to quickly snare pucks cleanly. His ability to push off in the butterfly leaves few holes for shooters to beat him. Sawchenko has the mentality to never give up on a play and always keeps himself in control. He always fights for sightlines and seems to be better the busier he is. He shows some prowess with his passing game, and is able to deliver good, short passes and long-range saucer breakouts. He has the battle, focus and skills to be a starter.   (May 2016)