Zach Sanford

Darren Walker

Sanford is a big, strong mature winger who skates with a fluid stride as he generates good north-south speed. He is easily knocked around because he currently is so gangly and has that higher centre of gravity. Added strength to his legs and core will improve both his already good speed as well as improve balance. He has very good hands that allow him to carry the puck through traffic as well as make him dangerous around the net. He uses his long reach, strength and frame to protect the puck from defenders. He sees the ice well and makes crisp, ac- curate passes to teammates. Sanford comes back into his own zone, makes himself an option and becomes a vital part of his teams breakout. He shows good smarts, reading and reacting to the developing play well. He’s responsible defensively and offensively knows where to get to for that scoring chance in the offensive zone as well as where to get to and who to cover in the defensive zone. His shot is a plus, both hard and accurate. He’s not an overly physical player, throwing devastating checks or dropping the gloves but instead uses his size like a Dave Andreychuk style of player. When he does finish his checks he often bounces off even smaller players. Sanford really picked up his play toward the end of the season and has scouts all over excited about his development trajectory. (May 2013)