Zach Nastasiuk

Darren Walker

Nastasiuk is an opportunistic scorer that gets to the right spots in the offensive zone to bang home a rebound or accept a quick pass. He’s not the fastest skater in the draft, but gets to where he needs to with a choppy stride but with balance and power. Improving his stride should be at the top of him to-do list this offseason. He competes all game long and plays with some good aggressiveness on the forecheck although he is not a bone crunching beast like you would hope. He also has some good hockey sense and reads the play well, de- spite not being overly creative with the puck. He does protect it well when he does have it on his stick as he is not one to dangle his way through defenders but more of a skate his way to where he going and then call for a pass. An absolute cannon of a shot, Nastasiuk can get it off quickly. He sets himself up to bang home rebounds and accept cross crease passes well. He will play gritty when a puck battle is at stake and stick up for himself after whistles but does not go out of his way to cause trouble. He brings that same gritty battle mentality into his own zone as he will block shots, work for position and pick-up for out of position teammates. (May 2013)