Yannick Rathgeb

Darren Walker

Rathgeb is a smooth skater who sees developing plays and reacts well. He is exceptionally strong on his feet; stops and starts and his backward skating is very good. He is balanced and has good overall mobility. He has a booming slap shot from the point that is on target and forces goalies to react. Rathgeb has an offensive mind, but does not neglect his defensive responsibilities. He makes simple passes to get the puck out of his end and is a gifted two-way defenseman. He leads the breakout and carries the puck up ice when he sees a lane. Rathgeb runs the power play very well, moving around a lot to keep passing lanes open and to create new ones. Always keeps his head up and can release a quick wrister as soon as he sees traffic. He pinches from the point when he sees that there is time and space to make something happen. He makes smart plays with the puck and displays a ton of determination as he doesn’t back down without a fight. Rathgeb is not a ashy player, rather a simple and effective defenseman who gets the job done. He is consistent and not overly physical. His physicality comes in the form of battling along the wall and coming out with puck more so than laying a big check. He is very good in transition and quickly gets the puck back up ice. (May 2014)