Yan-Pavel Laplante

Aaron Vickers

Laplante is an intense forward who puts himself into the middle of every- thing. A very powerful skater with good speed and acceleration, he keeps his feet moving and plays at top speed as soon as he steps foot on the ice for a shift. He does not have elite puck skills by any means, but he is still able to find ways to effectively generate offense using what he does have. He can unload a quick slapper or snapper from anywhere in the offensive zone on net. He’s very capable of winning puck battles along the boards and down low. Laplante is a player that shows a very aggressive, physical edge. He is very effective along the boards, and often outmuscles bigger opposing defensemen on the fore check. He is still raw in the offensive zone, but is very successful in the cycle. He seems to be well aware of his own capabilities, as he does not try to be overly ashy or beat defenders solely by stickhandling. His pre-season in- jury has undoubtedly hurt his draft stock, but he works his butt off every shift and knows his role on the team. He is responsible in both ends of the ice and is always trying to create something. He isn’t afraid to go into the dirty areas to get the puck, or to play the body and get physical if needed to gain puck possession. (May 2013)