Yakov Trenin

Darren Walker

Trenin is a big yet raw playmaking winger. He has average top speed but looks like he should
be moving faster. His stride resembles a turtle because he stays upright, but tucks his head
down and rounds his back. His feet are slow–it looks like he skates in slow motion, but does
have powerful strides. What he really lacks, though, is agility due to his poor skating mechanics.
His acceleration also needs improvement. His puck skills are impressive: he has quick, creative
hands, controls the puck fairly well, can deke through defensemen on his way to the net, thread
a pass through legs and pass between both of them or get around one with excellent puck
protection due to his size and strength. His creativity with the puck is exciting. He can make
accurate no-look or behind the back passes. Incredible vision down low and behind the net. He
possesses a very hard shot with a pretty good release, but needs to shoot more when in good
position instead of looking to pass. He finishes his checks, battles in front of the net, digs and
fights for possession in the corners and has no problem cutting to the net even if a beating is
likely to be the outcome. He supports well in the d-zone. Competiveness is good as well as consistency
throughout the game. Makes himself an option for breakouts, defensively gets in the
shooting lane, uses his long reach to cut passing lane too. He is responsible on the back check.
Reacts and anticipate very well.  (May 2015)