William Nylander

Darren Walker

An impressive dangler with the puck and ashy playmaker. Nylander likely possesses the quickest, most creative hands in the draft and can really dance around the offensive zone with the puck. He sees the ice like few kids his age can and has the ability to distribute the puck through the tightest of lanes. His feet add to his impressive offensive abilities as he is explosive and quick north to south as well as east to west. Nylander has a fast top speed and can maintain that speed with the puck on his stick. His skating gives him the ability to be elusive with the puck in the offensive zone while he awaits the play to set up. He is versatile and can play either center or wing effectively. Nylander is smart and thinks the game faster than most, reading the play and seeing an opportunity arise before the defense can close it off. His hand-eye coordination is superb and he has a high hockey IQ. Nylander’s wrist shot is both hard and accurate, and he can really fool the goaltender with his release. He’s at his best when using his linemates and making short, clever passes on the offensive cycle to set up a chance. The kid just love to create offensively and has the natural skills to do so. Nylander is always willing to go to the net and play in traffic both with and without the puck. (May 2014)