Will Reilly

Aaron Vickers

Reilly is a consistent, stable presence on the backend. He is extremely mobile and moves
very well for this size. Strong backwards strides allow him to control the attacker; his strength
is very evident as he is balanced and has a good center of gravity and is not be knocked
around easily. Has the size and strength to destroy opponents with checks, though he picks
and chooses his times to use the body well. He will play physical if needed and this is a good
trait of his. Reilly reads the game at a high level, leading to his strong anticipation and reaction
to developing plays in both ends of the ice. Has some further development to continue to improve
his defensive positioning. Will pinch from the offensive blue line and step in to prevent
his opponents from breaking out, rushing up ice. Shows off some offensive instincts, knowing
when to slide down from the point into an emerging lane or when to retreat back on D. Reilly
possesses a heavy slapshot and a quick and accurate wrist shot that he has no trouble getting
off under pressure without getting fully set. Works the puck around the offensive blue line very
well. Makes himself available to his D partner at the offensive blue line, opening both time and
space for his partner to look for a passing option or get a shot off. Protects the puck well on
the rush using his size and even opts to shield it by using his loose arm to fend off the check
and dump it in deep with his backhand. Strong on the penalty kill where he is determined to
block shots and close off lanes. Not committed to an NCAA program yet, but was drafted by the
USHL’s Chicago Steel in 2015.  (May 2015)