Wilhelm Westlund

Aaron Vickers

Westlund is a solid, if unspectacular two-way defenseman that uses what size to his advantage. He skates well with a very strong rst few stride and solid overall agility. He keeps his feet moving and is rarely beaten one-on-one by speed. He can carry the puck up ice and will make a move of two to gain the line or is not afraid to dump it if the space is not there. He has some soft hands and makes a crisp pass, has a strong slap shot as well as the wrist shot to get on net and cause a rebound situation. Westlund can keep up to small, shifty forwards with his quick starts and stops, keeping them in check. He utilizes his quick stick to disrupt and dislodge pucks, clearing them to safety. He has some problems with his coverage as he can get caught watching the puck and lose his man from time to time as well as being overly tentative. He usually keeps his head on a swivel and can intercept plays with his solid defensive anticipation. Good at avoiding checks, he’s slippery and elusive when an opponent thinks they have him lined up and plays with poise and puck confidence. He fights through checks and shows some grit. Westlund is not an aggressive physical player by any stretch but will play the body. (May 2013)