Vojtech Budik

Aaron Vickers

Budik is a well-rounded defenseman. He does a good job of prioritizing tasks and shoring up his own end of the rink first and foremost. He uses his quickness and lateral footwork to keep tabs on his opponent’s movements and keep him to the perimeter. Budik is quietly efficient, using the best routes available to retrieve pucks and retain possession as he works the puck back up ice. He has a smoother style of skating that really benefits from the first strong step, allowing him to gain momentum. His ability to remain balanced in the fine-motor aspects of his skating really solidifies his stance and allows him to not be knocked off the play. Budik is strong physically and works hard on the boards to contain opponents so his teammates can dig at the pucks. His coverage of the defensive end is very strong, and he controls his actions and takes away variables to the offense with his mobility and stick. He keeps gaps relatively tight and cuts off lanes to the net before a drive begins. Budik handles the puck with some skill, but keeps it fairly simple when carrying the puck up ice. He uses some pump fakes and slight change of direction to create a bit of room to get the pass off. He is very strong through his stick and is seldom getting stripped of the puck when he is holding onto it. He doesn’t have a ton of offensive creativity and chooses to play a safer, complementary type of two-way game.  (May 2016)