Vladislav Sukhachyov

Aaron Vickers

A goaltender with really good reflexes and athleticism, Sukhachyov plays with a lot of confidence in his net and really challenges shooters actively around his crease. He is quite aggressive and stands fairly high in his crease, which gives the shooter less to shoot at. He reads, anticipates and follows the play extremely well, but tends to give away too many rebounds, although his competitiveness makes him hard to score against on subsequent shots because he never gives up. Sukhachyov is agile and flexible, and has developed his own twist to the butterfly/stand-up hybrid style he uses. He battles hard to see through traffic, and tracks the puck very well for a goalie of his stature.  Sukhachyov makes some acrobatic saves that resemble that of a young Dominik Hasek; he very rarely lets a puck go unchallenged, regardless of what position he is in. Sukhachyov moves very quickly from post to post, and has a knack for deflecting the puck out of harm’s way. While we believe the days of tiny stoppers like Darren Pang and Manny Legace are long gone, with the puck-blocking 6-foot-6 Dubnyks and 6-foot-7 Bishops taking over NHL creases in recent years, we do firmly believe there is still a place in the league for the average-sized athletic stopper. He is a very promising, athletic netminder, and could very well develop into a solid NHL prospect.  (May 2016)