Vladislav Lysenko

Aaron Vickers

Lysenko is a strong, smart defensive defenseman. His skating is decent as he has good mobility but will not wow anyone. He stays in good defensive position and does not need to run around his own zone. Not at all a transition player, but if he gets involved in the attack, it’s no further than the opposition’s blue line. He’s a very conservative defenseman; finds his spot in front of the net and stays there. When he does venture away from the net it is to beat an attacker and clear the puck away from danger. His passes are of the simple and safe nature. Lysenko thrives on the ability to give and take hits. He’ll sacrifice his body for the better of his team any time he gets the chance, this is his bread and butter. Blocks shots. He plays bigger than he actually is. His defensive awareness is quite good, as is his competitiveness. His battle-level is through the roof. He will get knocked down, getting right up and continuing the battle. His positioning and physicality make his defensive game a key part of Sherbrooke’s team. He’s their most reliable player in their own zone. Being a defensive defenseman on a team that has a hard time finding wins can be a thankless job, but Lysenko did it well this past season. (May 2013)