Vladimir Tarasenko

Aaron Vickers

An offensively gifted winger who at first glance leaves much to be desired but once he jumps over the boards and onto the ice his skill and natural gifts take over and he shows his explosiveness. Skates well although does not have great high end speed but it is his quick acceleration and lateral movements that make his overall mobility a strength. Is blessed with an absolute rocket of a wrister and gets it off in minimal time and space. Can handle the puck and carry it through traffic using deft moves and solid positioning to protect it. Is a shoot-first player but can make nice passing plays because of incredible vision and anticipation. Drives to the net despite the punishment awaiting and will work hard to score. Strong on his skates as is built short and stalky. Very elusive forward who generates loads of scoring chances. Has shown some defensive responsibility to his game. Is short and can get thrown off his game when too much physicality to thrown his way. Needs to improve his defensive play as it is inconsistent at best. (May 2010)