Vitek Vanecek

Darren Walker

Vaněček is an athletic goaltender who is well aware of what he’s got and is willing to use all that in order to make his opposition suffer from lack of goals. His movements in the crease are exceptional, maybe even the best in the entire draft class. His re exes are top-notch and he uses his quick body to make even the most difficult saves. He uses all his equipment properly, has a quick glove and a solid blocker, and is good down low as well. What he should work on is the mental side of his game as he proved a little too inconsistent this sea- son. Also, I don’t believe he’s good enough handling the puck. It also appears to me that he’s not the hardest worker off the ice, but he sure has a gift and that means a lot. Doesn’t always deliver under huge pressure, but that might be coincidence as he seems a little too relaxed off the ice. (May 2014)