Vitali Abramov

Darren Walker

Abramov is an ultra-skilled offensive winger who creates chances with his speed and slippery moves. He is a determined little bugger who will make you pay when given space or time. He processes the game exceptionally well and gets to spots where he can get the puck and make a play. Abramov seems to have eyes in the back of his head and an excellent sense of his surroundings. He has the ability to find the soft spots in the offensive zone, though he is no stranger to the gritty areas either. He has elusiveness to his game and is super-quick to find an opening as he is constantly buzzing in the offensive zone. Abramov exudes confidence with the puck on the breakout, and can really push the play and force defenders onto their heels, using his slick, creative hands and smarts to fool defenders. Abramov uses his speed to his advantage—especially on the forecheck as a man approaches—to separate in a flash. His ability to change speed on the rush throws off defenders and even the goalie as he moves side-to-side quickly after slowing his approach. He has the ability to get creative at high speeds, showing off confidence with the puck. Abramov is strong on the puck with a firm grip and solid core strength. He quietly gets to the soft spots in the offensive zone where he can easily receive a pass and make a difference, showing great reads. His passes have the right power and placement, even while moving at a decent speed up ice. He sees the ice exceptionally well, with good hockey sense to pick apart lanes. Abramov has a really good sense of where his teammates are going to be, making his somewhat dangerous no-look passes with ease. He has the ability to unload a quick and lethal wrist shot with very little time or space.   (May 2016)