Vince Dunn

Darren Walker

An offensive minded defenseman who just loves to have the puck on his stick. There is so
much speed to his game, both with and without the puck. He is constantly firing on all cylinders,
pushing the pace. Dunn possesses high-end, elite agility with insane lateral movement that he
uses very effectively. His first few strides and overall acceleration make him very dangerous on
the ice. Uses this speed to separate himself from checks and catch the puck carrier on the backcheck
or in mid-ice. He makes some pretty nifty moves with speed as he exudes confidence
with the puck on his stick. The vision that this kid possesses is elite. He sees lanes before they
open and leads his man with the puck just in front of him. Passes can be a little inconsistent at
times depending on the distance; his shorter range passes are crisp and on mark. He possesses
a powerful slapshot as he transfers all of his weight into it. Defensively, he is quick to his man
and uses his acceleration to strip him of the puck. Decent defensive zone coverage, but could
work on containing his man a little better down low. Physically, he isn’t one to plaster his man to
the wall or crush him in open ice; however, he does opt to use his body to rub the man off the
puck or use his stick to poke the puck away.  (May 2015)