Ville Pokka

Aaron Vickers

A puck moving offensive-minded defenseman. He has some pretty heavy boots, which means he needs to think the game that much quicker to be effective. He has decent enough speed and solid balance but needs to continue to improve his footwork. His skating problems could stem from his struggles to maintain an ideal playing weight over the course of his young career. He shows nice puck skills, a hard slap shot, a quick one-timer and the ability to control the offensive pace off the rush. He possesses very good vision and can make strong passes at various ranges. He is calm and poised with the puck on his stick, reading the plays develop and making quick decisions. His decision making is hit or miss as he can get into a little ‘turnover-itis’ from time to time. He seems to move better in his own zone, closing gaps quicker, getting into position to close off lanes and front opponents. He isn’t overly physical, especially against the men in the SM-Liiga, but will use his strength to wage puck battles and clear the crease. His obvious skating deficiencies and occasional brain cramps with the puck are the real issue with why he is not considered for the first round. (May 2012)