Victor Mete

Aaron Vickers

Mete is a fleet-footed rearguard who plays an offensively inclined game, in which he is used in all situations and really excels with the puck on his stick. Offensively, he has the ability to be a difference -maker with his creativity, although his shot could use some added velocity. He hits his targets with accurate passes leading them into open space and into scoring position. Mete reads the play very well and makes a well-calculated decision to explode with speed and join the attack or trail the play. On the power play, he moves the puck efficiently and effectively. He possesses a strong skating base and abilities with a low center of gravity. Mete has good separation speed and extension in his stride. He displays some high-end top speed when he needs it. He has the ability to quickly pivot by digging in and twisting his body to explode in the other direction to chase down a dump in. Mete looks comfortable in possession and has no hesitation to jump up into the rush with the puck with speed to boot. He knows where his man is going and has the ability to get the puck through a lane to him in a hurry. He is a tireless worker who will work hard to win puck battles on the wall or positioning in front of his net, albeit often with less than successful results due to his lack of size even though his effort is there. Mete manages the gap well and controls the space to his liking. Defensively, he runs around a bit, but reads the play well and is quick to adapt to it, getting on loose pucks and/or his man in the corner with no hesitation.   (May 2016)