Veini Vehvilainen

Darren Walker

Vehviläinen is a positionally sound goaltender who has strong technique and elite quickness. He plays consistently at the top of his crease and tracks the play well, adjusting his angles to keep the net evenly covered. He has some moments when he over glides when moving across the net, but recovers well to remain square to the puck. He has good use of his blocker and trapper, keeping them in prime position and using them to corral shots on the first attempt. He especially loves to dangle the carrot with space on his glove hand before snaring shots and taking away the open net. His strong lower body has him getting into position and adjusting his body position according to situational play. Vehvilainen is good at smothering shots into his torso and redirecting pucks high off his blocker. He had some trouble with angled shots off his pads, allowing pucks to escape into the high slot. He remains con dent and actively engaged in the game no matter the score. Worked well to communicate and leave pucks in good places for the defense, but he is by no means an elite puck handler. We like Vehvilainen’s makeup and competitive game. He doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses to note, besides maybe some slower lateral pushes from time to time, but will need to keep developing and adapting to higher competition. (May 2015)