Tyson Jost

Darren Walker

Jost is a strong, dynamic center with solid two-way ability. An extremely smart offensive weapon, he will make the simple play when it is best to do so, but he isn’t afraid to flash his creativity from time to time. He loves to make the give-and-go play, working with the space provided and moving the puck quickly. He is relentless on the forecheck, using his stick to strip the puck from the man, and is strong at protecting the puck with his free arm and back on the perimeter. Jost has a laser-beam for a wrist shot and he can score from a distance off the rush. His greatest attributes are his instincts and sense. Jost has an uncanny understanding of the timing required to execute, and his ability to find open soft spots from which to present himself as a passing option is rare. Equally impressive is the well-roundedness of his offensive arsenal, both as a playmaker and a goal-scorer. He has a bit of a sneaky streak, and loves to use his speed to beat defenders to get in good scoring spots.  Jost loves to drive the puck to the net, and isn’t afraid to go to the dirty areas. He works hard, and is a natural-born leader out on the ice, always talking and giving advice and pointers to teammates. Jost looks very comfortable in all situations, and could be a guy who will play big minutes at the next level. He plays with some feistiness and is willing to get his nose dirty each and every shift. He is effective in all three zones, and uses his high hockey IQ to make sure he is in prime position to make a play. Defensively, Jost consistently drives down low into his own zone, picks up his man and plays him tight. He has a great stick-lifting ability while chasing down opponents and creating turnovers; just being a real pain for opposing players. He has an impeccable ability to win key faceoffs, and is put out in key situations regardless of the zone. He continues to make smart decisions over and over again, while making the right moves that put his team in the best position possible.  (May 2016)